Free Orientation Sessions

We want you to feel right at home right from the start when you join The Chronic Health Club so we offer free 30 minute orientation sessions to all of our new members.

During the orientation session we’ll take you around the facility, show you the equipment and guest amenities, and answer any questions you may have.

We’ll also help you get signed up online for your exclusive supplement discounts through, our free online training resources via the Chronic Health School, and our exclusive members only Facebook support community.

Oh, and if you’d like we’ll also get you on the schedule for your discounted initial health and body composition assessment.

We’ll make sure you get to take advantage of every membership benefit available to you right away from day one.

Free Online Training Resources (Coming Soon)

At the Chronic Health Club we offer a number of personal training packages for our members who need ongoing training, education, accountability, and support.

But we also know that for a number of reasons that a personal training package might not make sense for everyone.

In order to make sure that our members who aren’t able to participate in regular personal training and health coaching sessions aren’t left behind, we have developed an online training platform called Chronic Health School to provide members everything they need to get started working out in our facility all on their own.

Through the Chronic Health School Members will have access to:

  • Our online exercise video library including videos taught my our coaches, in our gym, on our equipment

  • Several free workout programs members can follow all on their own

  • Other free training courses on a variety of topics that will be added in the future

Exclusive Access To The Chronic Health Club’s Members Only Facebook Group

One of the most important pieces of any successful journey to improve one’s health is the ability to surround yourself with other like minded people who are on the very same journey that you are.

The Chronic Health Club Member’s Only Facebook group is our way of providing truly unparalleled support for all of our members.

Not only will our coaches be hosting live Facebook Question and Answer sessions and learning sessions on a regular basis, but members can get all kinds of additional support from each other in the community.

Need some extra motivation or having a hard day? Go to the Facebook group and make a post asking for some extra encouragement to get you through a hard spot.

Are you absolutely killing it and want to share your success with others? Go into the Facebook group and post your success with pride and share with the group what has helped you be successful along the way.

Have a specific question or need some ideas to help you with a specific scenario on your journey? Post your question in the group and bask in the support of our coaches and the groups members.

Community is everything and it start’s in The Chronic Health Club Members Only Facebook Group.


$25 Off Initial Health and Ultrasound Body Composition Assessments (Free for Personal Training Clients)

One of the keys to staying motivated on your quest to Chronic Health is being able to see clear signs of progress.

And the best way to do that is to know exactly where you started and where you’re at as you go along.

All of our members on a single or family membership plan receive a 50% discount on their initial health and body composition assessment using ultrasound technology.

We’ll measure your starting weight, body mass index, resting blood pressure, your percentage of body fat and lean mass, and we’ll even calculate your daily calorie needs based on your level of daily activity.

And if you’re one of our personal training clients, all of your health and body composition assessments are free (limit 1 per month).

Exclusive 25-35% Discount + Free Shipping On Supplements

Nutritional deficiencies are not only common, but are often an underlying driver of chronic illness.

When your body doesn’t have the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it needs to function optimally it can have significant impact on how you look, feel, and function every single day.

At the Chronic Health Club we have made it our mission to ensure that our members have access to the highest quality supplements on the market at

So every member at the Chronic Health Club will be granted a 25% discount on all Thorne supplements ordered via with free shipping.

Members can also get an extra 10% off discount bringing the total discount on Thorne supplements to a whopping 35% when they sign up for a recurring subscription delivery of supplements on

So if you need a monthly supply of your multi-vitamins, fish oil, protein powder, or any other supplement, you get an extra discount just for simplifying your ordering process and having your supplements delivered on a set schedule.