Owner + Head Coach Matt Portwood

As the owner and head coach at The Chronic Health Club, Matt has been growing as a coach and working with clients for years.

It all started in 2015 when he became a certified fitness trainer operating as MP Fitness, and began working predominantly with clients who wanted to lose weight.

As time went on Matt began to notice a clear pattern with many of his clients.

They all struggled with their nutrition.

So in 2017 Matt went on to become a PN1 Precision Nutrition Coach in order to expand his own ability to help clients where they needed it the most.

But, again, as time went on Matt began to dig deeper and deeper into his clients health and struggles and he began to see more and more patterns lying beneath the surface with his clientele.

And he began to look outside of his clientele roster at his family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances as well.

What he saw when he began to pay attention was that unfortunately, more people in the world are suffering from some kind of underlying chronic health issue than those that are healthy.

And those numbers are on track to dramatically increase in the coming decades.

Issues including type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, hormonal dysfunction, joint pain, fatigue, arthritis, irritable bowel, skin issues, anxiety and depression, fibromyalgia, and so many more.

Chronic illness has truly become…an epidemic.

And conventional medicine and treatment simply isn’t being effective in dealing with these chronic issues.

Eventually, a time came when Matt decided he needed a way to help his clients to overcome these issues and that is when Matt was introduced to the field of Functional Medicine.

In Functional Medicine, Matt found answers and hope.


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He found that nearly ALL of the chronic illnesses plaguing us today are all a direct result of lifestyle deficiencies in one or more of four key areas:

Our food, our exercise and movement habits, our sleep, and our ability to manage stress.

In functional medicine he found a model of fighting chronic illness that works by finding the what lifestyle factors are serving as the root cause of these chronic health issues, and pulling them up at the roots with real and sustainable lifestyle change.

He found a model that seeks to truly heal the individual from the inside out rather than simply treating the symptoms of a health issue with expensive medication (with an assortment of side effects), unnecessary surgical solutions, etc.

And so the vision for the Chronic Health School and ultimately the Chronic Health Club was born.

A vision of a place both physical and digital (online) that can guide and educate those in his community and beyond to the healing promise of Functional Medicine.

A place that helps the chronically ill achieve chronic health, and that helps the those that are already considered generally healthy reach new levels of health and longevity.